What is
We urge you to read this page to find out why ads, sometimes, are a good solution! is a campaign started by websites that relies on internet advertisment to pay their bills. Like Server costs, maintenance, research and other things. We all have our favorite websites, and if you like a website that is driven by ad revenue, you are undermining their work by having AdBlock turned on in your browser.

So be kind and turn of AdBlock for your favorite websites, and help them stay in business and keep giving you what you want, for free!

Still not convinced? Please read on and find out why ads is a good thing :)
Why remove
The Internet is an amazing invention that has completely changed the world forever. But the very foundation the internet was built on is being threathened by the increasing use of AdBlock. If you want your favorite websites to still be in business in the future, you need to disable AdBlock now.
How to remove
Many browers support the Adblock extension, and it’s easy to deactivate it. You just click the Adblock icon located somewhere in your browserwindow.

Click here to get instructions to how you can disable it for your browser.
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