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But I hate ads, Adblock is a good thing! Why should I remove it?
More and more users install Adblock in their browsers in order to prevent ads from being displayed. The problem with this rising trend, is that most of your favorite websites rely on advertisements to make money and stay in business. If everyone started using Adblock, your favorite websites would no longer be able to operate, and would have to start charging for access. If you want to keep your favorite websites free to use, and support your favorite websites, then do the responsible thing and..

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Still not convinced? Please read on and find out why ads is a good thing :)
Why remove
The Internet is an amazing invention that has completely changed the world forever. But the very foundation the internet was built on is being threathened by the increasing use of AdBlock. If you want your favorite websites to still be in business in the future, you need to disable AdBlock now.
How to remove
Many browers support the Adblock extension, and it’s easy to deactivate it. You just click the Adblock icon located somewhere in your browserwindow.

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